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Welcome to Kansai Perl Mongers' Homepage

We are a group of Perl users who live in the Kansai area in Japan. We have regular events where we have fun and talk about Perl and things that are (or are not) related to Perl. If you happen to live in the Kansai area, you are welcome to join us. Bookmark this page for easy access.

What's new?

21 Mar 2000
Added homepage in English. This is the page you are reading now.
19 Mar 2000
We had our first seminar! Details (and pictures) are here.
7 Mar 2000
Added the Perl Newsletter (Japanese) and Whatsnew homepages to the links page
2 Mar 2000
Added Events page
3 Feb 2000
AddedMailing list page
1 Feb 2000
Started web site Events has regular offline meetings. We will announce next meeting on this page and on mailing list.

Who are the Perl Mongers ?

Perl Mongers are non-profit groups of users of the Perl language, organized by location. The members come together to discuss Perl issues and exchange information and advice, mostly about programming Perl.

Perl Mongers is organized independently and separately from other perl users groups. There are currently (as of February. 2, 2000) 210 PM groups internationally. More infomation about the PM is available at

How to join us?

As usual, there is more than one way to do it (currently about two).

You can either join the online mail discussion (Mailing list) or just come to the next scheduled event (Information here) . If you come up with another way, tell us about it.

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T-shirts and other Geek Stuff
Consider getting some Perl Mongers T-shirts and other stuff from the link above or here, at , as income from selling these items supports the PM web site.
Perl Newsletter (Japanese)
Free newlsetter edited by Kondo Yoshiyuki, the translator of 'Programming Perl' (the Camel Book) into Japanese.
WhatsNew Homepage
WhatsNew is a small Perl tool started by mr. Kiyoka, a member of Kansai PM. WhatsNew automatically tracks changes to your website and displays them on a What's new page.

November 6, 2000
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